Mezco has brought strong Kung Fu to Toy Fair this year. Mortal Kombat, Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Batman, Judge Dredd…Thundercats!  I got a chance for a booth walk through with my good buddy Pierre and he hit me with all the details of what’s coming from Mezco in 2015.  Let’s have a look!

Mezco TV

Mezco has a ton of great TV properties for year 2015!

  • Breaking Bad gets new figures of Walt and Jesse in street clothes.
  • Better Call Saul
  • Sons of Anarchy gets some amazing new 6-inch figures including a Jax figure that has an epic head sculpt!
  • BUGS BUNNY! That’s all caps, because Bugs is all caps! He’s huge, and articulated!!
  • Mezco rounds out the Big ole Thundercats line with Tigra, MUST HAVE!


Mezco Movies and More

Mezco blows the doors off with more more more! Living Dead Dolls, Chucky, and some astonishing new properties!

  • New Chucky dolls, 2 of them, both talk, but one is good and one is evil, with phrases and scars to match!
  • A new 6-inch articulated Creature from the Black Lagoon!
  • Living Dead Dolls Psycho and Annabelle.
  • Also introduced, Oz…like the Wizard, not the prison.  What if Dorothy, Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man were Living Dead Dolls off to kill the Wizard?
  • Mezco introduced (on paper only), a full Beetlejuice line that is not to be missed! (Check the gallery).


Mezco Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat X is coming in about 2 months.  Mezco is not screwing around getting gorgeous toys ready for launch!

  • 3.75 inch MK line
  • 6 inch MK line
  • 12 inch MK line (Sub-Zero and Scorpion)
  • MK Mez-Itz line!


Mezco Comics

One:12 Collective is the word for this incredible new line of pristinely detailed, real fabric clothed premium figures at a reasonable price.  Think some of those other brands with outrageous prices, but also gorgeous and at less than $100.

  • Dark Knight Batman in light blue and Dark Blue
  • Judge Dredd featuring the Lawmaster!!
  • Go, click the gallery, gaze at the Lawmaster!!
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