I am feeling very old.  I feel this way because Mattel makes incredible He-Man action figures.  I was alive before they started doing that.  They are still doing that, they have been doing that for over 30 years…I am well over 30 years.  The He-Man figures, they keep getting more and more amazing.  Me, things just keep falling apart.

Enough waxing poetic though, a very big and special thank you to Mattel for having MUReview at their Collector Event at Toy Fair 2015!  It was a last second request on my part and they were so awesomely accommodating!  We had a great time, saw incredible toys, got great pictures, and even got sent home with some lovely parting gifts (a giant He-Man Zodiac figure and an awesome Halo Mega Bloks kit!  Speaking of Mega Bloks, this is the first year that Mega and Mattel were on display in the same room at Toy Fair (since the acquisition by Mattel last year).  Let’s have a look at all that our eyes got to see!

DC Properties

The Mattel DC figure lines are an incredibly mature format and they are making some fantastic looking figures!

  • The Batman Classic TV Series action figure line…with Surfboards!  The line features favorites from the 66 series, Joker, Catwoman, Penguin, Batman, Batgirl, Robin and the Riddler!
  • OF COURSE!  There is also the classic Batmobile!!
  • YES!! The Batcave too!
  • Have a look at the pictures for the DC Comics 3.75 inch line.  The line is rapidly growing featuring all of the amazing DC characters you could want, Azreal, Nightwing, Dark Knight, Harley and the Joker, so so many more!
  • The Arkham City Batman Vs. Solomon Grundy playset is amazing!



I mentioned before, I’m getting old?  Each and every figure displayed is un-freaking-believable.  Gorgeous artwork, amazing sculpts, if you aren’t collecting He-Man in 2015, you are absolutely missing out.

  • We get some Giant figures!  Man-At-Arms and Zodiac!!  Probably about 4-5 times the size of a normal He-Man figure.
  • I’m just gonna list off the figures displayed…check the images for the glory!
    • Lizard Man
    • Ninja Warrior
    • Huntara
    • Snake Men 2-pack featuring Snake Armor He-Man  and Battle Armor King Hsss (Indiana Jones would hate that!)
    • Spirit of Grayskull
    • Oo-Larr
    • Mutli-Packs
    • More Snake Men
    • The list goes on…the pictures are prettier than my words, so go look!


Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels just keeps going and growing and growing.  On display this year some awesome vehicles from Stare Wars and back to the future.  The Hot Wheels line will also be representing DC and Marvel Characters.

  • The clear highlight of the Hot Wheels display was a $100+ Delorean from Back to the Future.  Doors opened and closed, wheels flip, things were chaotic but I do believe that I heard someone mention that it was all metal!



Amazing…on display was an amazing Terminator Mega Bloks bust with light up eyes for Terminator Genesys.  Also on display were Mega Bloks man vs. machine playsets that are going to be a ton of fun to build and play!



I mean, who doesn’t want Halo weapons?  On display, the Needler, Spartan pistol and tons of vehicle and playsets from Mega Bloks to build and enjoy in 2015!




Despicable Me introduced the world to Minions.  Now, it’s hard to remember a world without Minions.  Thanks to Mattel, we will have a world even more full of Minions with Mega Bloks Minions, the line features half a hundred little yellow lunatics!





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