Year in, year out, at Toy Fair, you cannot miss NECA.  Incredible figures, busts, statues, HeroClix! This year didn’t disappoint.

The booth was mobbed as always, but NECA folks were happy to chat about their products, and none more eager than Joseph in support of MunnyWorld DIY Baseball and Basketball teams.  We learned a little bit about the draw on / stick on figures.  You purchase a figure based on your team of choice, the figure is essentially a “blank” that you can then customize with stickers or erase-able markers to make your favorite players.  Get one or get a whole teams worth, this is going to be endless fun!

There was plenty of Marvel and DC goodness to see at NECA too, but all things being equal, I’m most excited about a few things.

  • The Powerslave Eddie bust!
  • Heroclix Kree Supreme Intelligence

Let’s have a look at the rest of the NECA booth.  Thanks for having us there NECA!

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