Board Games are a hell of a lot of fun. In 2015, sometimes people forget about that with all the video games, and video on demand and tablets, etc…  All the same though, very little beats having 4-8 of your best friends sitting around a table and digging in to an interesting game.  Enter Fantasy Flight Games with a wealth of incredible games tied to an incredible library of licenses.

I had a few minutes to talk shop with Jessikah from the Minnesota based company at the Toy Fair show floor and she gave me some time to discuss some of their new stuff, some of their older stuff and take lots of pictures.

Games of note for my very like-geek-minded friends:

Star Wars Imperial Assault $99.95

Star Wars Armada $99.95

Star Wars X-Wing $39.95

XCOM The Board Game (seriously…an XCOM board game!!!) $59.95

Eldritch Horror (Cthulu anyone?) $59.95

Game of Thrones the Board Game $59.95

Sid Meier’s Civilization the Board Game $59.95

Game Of Thrones Westeros Intrigue $9.95

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