Factory Entertainment stands out among vendors at Toy Fair because they have fantastic products and excellent licenses.  I had the chance for a walk through of the booth with Factory Entertainment Director of eCommerce & Online Marketing Tom Vargas.  Thanks very much for the tour Tom! Let’s see what stuck in my brain, and for what didn’t, the gallery is full of amazing goodies!

Zombie Swat

Go ahead, do it, everyone is killing Zombies these days.  Zombie Swat gives a nice safe way to play with knives, bats, and real sound chainsaws.  All weapons are cuddly and won’t hurt.  It’s mostly like pillow fighting…for your life.  Price points go from around $10 up through around $30 and you can find this  some time later this year.

Game of Thrones

Factory Entertainment brings the Game to life with plush dragon eggs, house embroidered pillows, poseable plush dragons, Stark Dire Wolves, and check out the gallery for a prop replica of Joffrey Baratheon’s (Lannister pig) crown!  Complete with detailed stand!  This replica is limited to 1500 pieces and estimated for March 2015.

George R R Martin Talking Plush

So far, cuddly George speaks 10 personally recorded phrases, requires 2 triple A batteries and can be found in standard George, and more medieval garb.  Look for him in Q3 2015.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Raphael Sai Limited Edition Prop Replica

Coming out of the sewer cover are two red banded hands, holding two all metal sais.  …Which, if you wanted, you could probably use to make a mess of someone.  Look for it in limited quantities in Q3 2015.


Dare I say, this one’s…for the ladies.  Outlander, now airing on Starz is getting it’s own line of pillows, towels, stationary, lithographs, drink bottles, costume jewlery and accessory replicas from Factory Entertainment.  Be on the look out later in 2015 fans of the show!


Jaws pieces lined the walls of the Factory Entertainment booth, please, look at the pictures, they are amazing.

Back To The Future

Marty figure, check, Doc figure, check, Delorian, check.  What else do you need?  Have a look.

Jurassic Park

In a little bit of an odd twist, the great Jurassic Park pieces pictured won’t be available till after the release of Jurassic World in June.  Let’s say though, that good things are worth waiting for, and the rule applies here!


Also of note, Factory Entertainment makes a ton of awesome stuff, but most eye catching to me. Archer, check them out, they have a very healthy line of Archer products!

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