Dark Horse brings it’s properties to life like few other companies out there.  Leading up to Toy Fair we were very happy to be able to share with you their upcoming Goon statue and Daenerys and Drogon statue.  Seeing them in person…just no comparison, not even close.  They are gorgeous, and so is everything else that Aub at Dark Horse was good enough to take a few minutes to talk to me about.

Game of Thrones

Since 2011 Dark Horse has been bringing it’s Game of Thrones game hard.  This year, Dark Horse will be adding to their incredible list of Game of Thrones display pieces, and (in)action figures!

  • Checking in at about 7-8 inches tall, the Dark Horse Game of Thrones figures are second to none.  While not articulated, the sculpts and paint are photo realistic and just staggering.  All figures are due out this year starting in April and continuing through the year.  Coming in this years line:
    • Brienne of Tarth
    • Little Finger
    • Tywin Lannister
    • Joffrey (let’s be honest he’s a Lannister) Baratheon
    • Hodor (with Bran)
  • Standing in a more statuesque scale for 2015, we are going to get a large Brienne of Tarth.   Brienne is massive, gorgeously sculpted and available in May for $225!
  • As mentioned and posted previously, this year will find us with a dandy of a Dragon and Pretty Lady statue.  Shipping in July for $424.99 get your pre-orders in now because this is a highly limited run!



Droool…  Link standing, Ganon, these are already out…but not in my house, so I can still drool.  Coming this year though, Link in action pose and Scervo figure.  Both should be out this year but date is TBD.


Judge Dredd

Check out the beautiful Michael McMahon version of Judge Dredd, he’s coming, but we don’t know when or how much he’ll cost.


Legend of Korra

Dark Horse has a little something for everyone here.  For the serious collector the gorgeous memorial statue of Aang shipping in March for $149.99.

For everyone, the Naga plush doll, shipping also in March for around $35.  IT’S SO FLUFFY!





There are a ton of options to play Halo in the real world if you tire of your video game controller.  None are more incredibly detailed than the ships coming form Dark Horse in 2015.

Dark Horse is bringing out two UNSC ships and one Covenant ship.  All items are pending licensor approval at this point, but seriously…who isn’t going to approve this awesomeness?  The UNSC ships will be out in July, and the Covenant ship will be out in Fall of 2015, pricing is TBD.


Frank Frazetta

Frank Frazetta’s “The Death Dealer” donned the first three covers of Molly Hatchet’s albums, so when I saw that Dark Horse is bringing unique Death Dealer pieces to market I was more than a little stoked.  You can pick up the coaster set and playing cards now for $9.99 and $4.99 respectively.  If you want the snow globe you’ll have to wait till May and the Stein is coming in March for $19.99.


The Goon

Sculpted by Sean McNally, Eric Powell’s Goon statue comes out in Summer of 2015 for $150.  This is the fully painted version of the wildly successful Kickstarter campaign which was offered in faux-bronze.  It’s exceptional, and leaves only one question…when do we get Franky?


Criminal Macabre

Sculpted by William Paquet, 14 inches tall, this Cal statue will be a highly limited run (375) available in August 2015 for $149.99.  This is a hand painted piece and each one will come with a signed certificate of authenticity.  Not displayed at the show, but spoken of, the winged variant!

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