is back from Toy Fair and we are happy to report a ringing success on all fronts, exciting stuff, great toys all around!  Most importantly though, we here at MUReview…you can say we always pay our debts.  Our first debt to you, our readers, is the remaining of Hasbro coverage from yesterday’s press event.  That said, there was so much more than Marvel.  We got news about Transformers, Star Wars, My Little Pony, check it out!  And if you missed our Marvel coverage, check it out here.

Now then, once Marvel folks got off stage, we were treated to our moderator introducing Jurassic World toys.

Jurassic World with Mike Veret.

June 12 is when Jurassic World hits.  Hasbro is showing a little Indominous Rex, he’s gonna be a figure, a Masher, role play claw hands.

Indominous Rex is a ”she” and the ultimate predator.   This is one mean looking dino, the mouth opens 90 degrees, can pick up any other toy in the line, vehicles or dinos. It also roars. The body has some color change LEDs as well.

T. Rex is a player in the line, Stomp and Strike T.Rex. Leg articulation and a stomping sound so you can feel him walking along. Rex also has a biting strike controlled by his tail.

Brawlasaurs represents a new step for Hasbro. It looks like a wind up feature will build up energy and then you launch dinos at each other. Gears engage and the dinos merge and kinda flip out a little.

  • Universal is working on a Jurassic World game, these Hasbro Brawlasaurs will interact with the game for the film.
  • The Battle set arena is the out of the box way to play, but single dinosaurs are available as well. App is available May 1.

Role play is Claws and Jaws, you put a Dino hand or head on your hand an bite / slash with it.

You’ll see this all around the launch of the movie in May / June.

There is also a basic fig assortment, similar to the line from 1994. Lights and sound assortment, vehicle battle packs, T. Rex Lockdown playset as well.

The Brawlasaurs looks like a nice deep part of this movie line with almost 20 figures.

There will be a solid assortment of about 15 mashers with Indominous and T. Rex.

Playschool heroes also has a ton of tiny dinosaurs, and it’s all about capturing dinos.

Star Wars  with Jeff Habowitz, Joe Nivaden? Not sure on those names, they were not spelled on screen.

Star Wars is getting Hero Mashers, the Perfect Mash.

Revealed at UK Toy Fair, today we get to see more wave 1.

Wave 1 Star Wars Mashers

  • Darth Vader and Storm Trooper
  • Anakin Ep 3 and Bosk
  • Jar Jar and Kit Fisto
  • Boba Fett
  • General Grievous
  • Zeb
  • Kanan.
  • EpII Anakin and speeder
  • Darth Maul with Speeder.

Build your own Lightsaber with Bladebuilders

Bladebuilders, a fully customizable lightsaber system. Now we are watching a commercial. The blades are still the standard plastic cone retractable, but you can make all sorts of bananas combinations of lightsabers. These are coming Fall 2015.

The main box allows for about 100 configurations. There will also be foam lightsabers.


Star Wars Furbys…because we asked for it. Furbacca, there is a companion app and a giant Furbacca on stage. He warbles just like a Wookie.

It’s singing the theme…and it just farted….Fall 2015.

Otherwise…nothing new Star Wars? No Figures? Interesting.

Transformers with Gerry Javoine and John Warden (I’m sure I spelled that wrong).

Hasbro loves Transformers fans. Especially on Valentines day.

Rescue Bots, Robots in Disguise and Combiner Wars, these hit all the age groups, 3-5 5-10 and 10+.

Rescue Force Recruits, a clip is playing, a giant boat that transforms…High Tide Rescue Rig. Check out Salvage and Blurr too!

Transformers Robots in Disguise this show premieres on my birthday! March 14th at 6PM on Cartoon Network.  A clip plays, there is a new team led by Bumblebee, and I think I see Dinobots!

Robots in Disguise app, 360 digital ecosystem, scan and unlock characters, there will be promos, looks like with McDonalds.

Toys, Changers, Legion, Warrior scale, reveals, Fixit and Underbite, 1 step changers, Drift Fracture and Thunder hook

Warriors – Sideswipe and Jazz.

Changers – Steeljaw, then in the fall, Mini-Cons (remember from Armada?) Autobot Drift.

These are really just tiny Transformers…hence the name. Think if a bullet turned into a robot when fired from a Decepticon. These come episode 12. Minicons are sold as a single-pack.

Wave 1 and 2, Slipstream, Divebomb, Dragonus, Velocirazor, Ratbat, Sandsting.

Deployers are Drift and Fracture. The deployers will fire out the Mini Cons.

Mega Optimus Prime will hold up to 10 minicons.

Super Bumblebee with Lights and Sounds.

Generations gets the new story, Combiner Wars. The story is being told through IDW comics as well as Transformers Battle Tactics game.  IDW Cover Art revealed and it’s gorgeous.

Battle Tactics launched Feb 5, PVP showdowns in real time.

Fan Created  Hasbro has set up a new Fan Created vote.  Windblade was 2014. 2015 fans will create a Combiner, voting has started. Grab the app, sounds very neat, and you can vote!

Combiners are giant customizable transformers. 4 deluxe class TFs, and 1 Voyager class (create Superion), create any Combiner you want, Menasor (from Stunticons).

Defensor is the reveal, Autobot Combiner protector of all human life, made up of the Protectobots. This is the third combiner, coming out after Menasor.

Legends Wave 3

Groove, Warpath and Decepticon Viper.


Streetwise (all Protectobots), Rook, Blades, First Aid.

Voyager Wave 3

Protectobot Hotspot.

Voyager Wave 3 Cyclonus!   Very nice looking, Galvatronus???

Leader Wave 3

Ultra Magnus with Minimus Ambus.

Who was the first Combiner? Video to show…of Devastator. Devastator, original was about 9 inches tall. For the new Devastator, that’s as big as the leg. He will build to about 18 inches tall. 6 Voyager scale Combiners. He’s a really freaking cool robot! Hook, Long Haul, all based on G1 bots. Bonecrusher, Scavenger, Scrapper and Mixmaster. I don’t collect Transformers…but….

 My Little Pony with Kristen Riley rounded out the event and announced a few new items, the new theme is Cutie Mark Magic.  In the fall we will see Friendship is Magic collection.  Equestria Grils will get a new movie in 2015.

That’s about it folks, it, except for the pictures!  And a very special thanks to Hasbro and Hunter PR for having us out, for entertaining us, and for hooking us up with fantastic freebies to boot!



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Jurassic World


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