Today at Toy Fair 2014, we caught up with Hillary over at Uncle Milton.  She gave us a quick look at what’s new and exciting for science toys in Marvel and Star Wars for 2014.  Let’s have a look, shall we?


IMG_1408The Hulk Smash Lab

Based on the popular Agents of SMASH cartoon series featuring Hulk and his closest friends, it’s a game of disk flinging and knock downs with a science twist.  You adjust the tension on the throwing catapult, as well as move the piece near or further away from the targets to strike accurately.  You’ll be knocking down buildings and baddies like a champ in no time!  Actually some time, you can get it in Fall of 2014 for $29.99.


IMG_1412 IMG_1410Transforming Hulk

I think we talked about this last year, but it is only just hitting shelves now, the transforming Hulk.  When you first buy it, Hulk is in a little diorama, you can’t see him.  Fill it with water and he will grow in and break out of a ‘cage’ within 24 to 48 hours.  Take him out, he’ll shrink back down.  The catch, the cage is only good once.  You can’t unsmash what has been smashed? Amirite?  $13.99 to start breaking out!


IMG_1411 IMG_1413The Captain America Shield Trainer

Physics and flinging a shield?  Set up obstacles, bounce your shield from different difficulty points on the board, hit ricochet rails and knock down the Red Skull.  $24.99 in Spring and this one is going to be fun!



Star Wars

IMG_1417 IMG_1416The Jedi Telescope

This guy works two ways, one, it’s an actual telescope, whoda’ thunk?  The other way is a Star Wars planet view finder.  Click through many of the more popular planets in the universe!  Available Fall 2014 for $29.99.



IMG_1415 IMG_1414Force Lightening Ball

We saw this last year for sure, but this year it’s back and with some nice revisions.  A nicer base, a cleaner look, touch it and lightening jumps to your hand…it’s awesome.  $29.99 available in Fall 2014.



IMG_1419 IMG_1418Minilabs

3 in all, Dagobah, Hoth and Mustafar.  Each pack represents the elements of the planet it is named for.  Mix them together and come up with nifty substances like cold snow that never melts.  You get a little diorama in each pack for $9.99 this fall!


Many thanks to Hillary and the fine folks at Uncle Milton, we can’t wait to get hands on these wonderful toys before the end of this year!

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