Steve From ThinkGeek took some time out of the morning Toy Fair rush to chat with MUReview about what they have out there and what they have coming.

While what they have coming is certainly more up our alley here at MUReview (MARVEL STUFF!), what is out now is jaw dropping and you need to see it.  You need to go buy it.  What’s not out just yet, you also need to buy that too.  Buy it not because we say to, but because you’ll love it…and because we say to.



The Build On Mug

Don’t call it a Lego mug, because we don’t want to get ThinkGeek in trouble.  But if you have some Lego pieces, they will probably connect to it nicely.  You can make all sorts of neat stuff with it for $19.99




IMG_1232The R2-D2 Car Charger

So he goes in a cup holder, you can only see the top part of him…sometimes he beeps and boops, and whenever you plug something USB in, he chargers it.  It’s like having…your VERY OWN R2 Unit! $49.99…and I must own it.  Now, hovering just below the charger were R2 measuring cups.  That’s not out yet.  We dont’ talk about things like that…we DON’T.



IMG_1233The FPS Jacket

Remember laser tag?  Fine… late 90’s jerks, Q-Zar?  Put that in your jacket and on your wrist.  It comes with an extra clip on sensor for your friend.  This jacket is a full game by itself and you need to own it.  But god help me if you pull that covering the sensor crap.  $49.99




Kinetic Light Newton’sCradle

Balls for your desk, that light up when they hit each other.  That’s normal, right?  $49.99



Light Kicks LED Shoe Light System

I’m not a sneaker head, I look for months for a pair that look pretty much just plain normal.  It takes that long for an adult man to look normal these days.  Now, I can take my normal to the next level with these controllable LED bands for your sneakers.  Consider them to be ground effects, for your life…$39.99, fits up to size 13 shoes.



IMG_1237Radioactive Elements Glowing Coaster Set

Ever wanna have a drink in the dark, put it down, and then you can’t tell where your drink went?  Problem solved.  Put your drink on one of these coasters, and not only does it light up, but it keeps your surfaces free of liquid.  $19.99




IMG_1238Retro ArcadeWrist Watch

At first look, it’s a wrist watch.  At second look, it’s a wrist watch that looks like a classic arcade cabinet.  It lights up, has asteroids style hands to tell time.  For $59.99 the ‘pew pew’ sounds come free.




IMG_1240The 3Doodler

Ever wish you could write in plastic 3-dimensional shapes? Problem. Freakin. Solved.   Load it up with PVC plastic sticks and the page is no longer the limit.  Write wherever and it turns into hard plastic.  $99.99 to really piss off your parents.  An exciting note, ThinkGeek is the first retail store to carry this runaway Kickstarter success!



IMG_1242 IMG_1241Hoverkraft Levitating Construction Challenge

Floating in near mid-air, you are tasked with stacking blocks on a platform that levitates by use of electro magnets.  I will suck at this, but I must have it.  It’s not out yet, but soon, and for $39.99.



IMG_1246 IMG_1245 IMG_1244 IMG_1243Technomancer Digital Wizard Hoodie

The pranksters at ThinkGeek have made another April Fools joke into reality with the remarkable Technomancer Digital Wizard Hoodie.  You stick a motion sensing microchip into your sleeve cuff, make the motions on the instruction sheet, and you are rewarded with wizardly lights and sounds to amaze.  $119.99   For some, this will impress your friends.  For others, it will make your friends disappear!  9 spells to cast, get crackin’ Potter.

That’s all from our friends at ThinkGeek for now.  Steve promised (we’re cool, we call him Steve) that we’d have tons more throughout 2014, plus Marvel.  We can’t wait for what’s next!


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