Walking around Toy Fair, sometimes the things you aren’t looking for end up being some of the coolest that you find.

App Heroes

Enter App Heroes from Tech 4 Kids.  Our friend Todd from Tech 4 Kids was nice enough to give us a demo of this neat little plastic + app combo.  The premise, buy a figure, he jumps on to your phone.  What you can do?  So far it’s a little limited but the functionality is being expanded.  Essentially you can play with the figure on the phone, use their powers, make them hide and come back, run around, etc…In package we saw bunch of DC heroes…but this is a Marvel site, right?  Well, fans, do not despair! App Heroes has a full Marvel lineup coming along with everything else in Fall 2014, we got to see them out of package today!

IMG_1254 IMG_1255 IMG_1256 IMG_1257 IMG_1259 IMG_1260





To this point, consider me guilty, I don’t own any Mashems.  I was gifted a pair today though (Ninja Turtles) and my kids absolutely love them.  I think they are great too!  What’s even cooler, they make em’ in all sorts of different awesome brands, Transformers, Ninja Turtles, and absolutely you guessed it, Marvel!  Check out Fist Flyers, the Metallic series and Drop Zone.

IMG_1262 IMG_1263 IMG_1264 IMG_1265 IMG_1273 IMG_1271 IMG_1269 IMG_1268 IMG_1267 IMG_1266


























Tech 4 Kids has a ton of other great Marvel products on the market from lights and outdoor toys to Snow Motos…yep, Snow Motos.  Have a look for more below.

IMG_1285 IMG_1276 IMG_1275 IMG_1284 IMG_1283 IMG_1274 IMG_1282 IMG_1281 IMG_1280 IMG_1279 IMG_1278 IMG_1277

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