Let me start by saying I have a Sphero, I love my Sphero.  I got my dad a Sphero so we could play together.  It is one of the coolest inventions on the planet.  That I stumbled upon the Orbotix booth today, and found Spheros galore plus more awesome is just win on top of win!

Sphero is getting a cousin, tentatively titled 2B (toobee), it’s a cylinder with wheels on either side that allows for high speeds and great tricks.  2B will have a price point of $99 and we hope to see it this year.  Look for all sorts of neat tire accessories, knobbies, street slicks, all sorts of great stuff to go nuts with.  Also, expect the ability to customize prior to purchase…I hope I’m stating that right.

At any rate, if you don’t know Sphero, go get one, it won’t disappoint, or wait for 2B, because it’s going to be awesome…or just get both!

Very special thanks to the good folks at Orbotix for the Sphero Nubby, it will be going on tonight…oh, the Sphero Nubby? What’s that you ask?  It’s this – go buy it.

IMG_1287 IMG_1286




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