Special thanks to Scott Barnes for speaking with Diamond Select Toys this year.  Zach and the boys at DST persistently swing for the fences and deliver incredible products, this year, absolutely no different!  Doesn’t look like Scott was able to snag pictures of Guardians of the Galaxy stuff…but I’ll be bugging DST to see it early and often.

By Scott Barnes

(Excepted from a larger post) I spent the majority of the time with Diamond Select Toys (www.diamondselecttoys.com) checking out their hundreds of goodies.  I was able to sneak in a glimpse of some very awesome products before I met with Mr. Zach Oat (Diamond’s Marketing Supervisor).  I’ll give the quick low down:

  • Battle Beasts are coming back with a second wave of Minimates.  They look pretty great. I was able to ask Zach a question that gave me a better incite with the product line; these Battle Beasts are NOT the ones we grew up with.  Which makes perfectly good sense.
  • Back to the Future is going to be hitting at 88 MPH (but in reverse) really soon. Check out the great replicas like Marty’s hat, the Mr. Fusion, and there is more coming!
  • Aliens are invading as Minimates! Another great wave will be hitting soon.
  • Plants vs Zombies is getting a platform game as well as new action figures and Minimates.
  • Godzilla will be hitting a city near you very soon… Be prepared for gigantic fun!
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is kicking shell with some vinyl bank busts, Minimates, and more.  Most will follow the current NickToons style but some retro will be happening.  Hopefully, some classic Mirage?
  • Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, Sin City and Jay & Silent Bob/Clerks will be out in Minimates form.
  • The Walking Dead has more Minimates as well as some more coin banks coming out like the second pet zombie.
  • The Classic TV version of Batman will be getting some more attention with more busts coming out; including a great looking Riddler.
  • Oh, and there was some Marvel stuff… like… a lot of it!
  • Marvel Selects’ Black Widow, the Lizard, Hawkeye, Venom, and Thor will be released again as a regular release; no longer just as Disney Store Exclusives.  Yeah, that amazing Venom that was released last year? He’s back already because of how popular he was!
  • Captain America 2 comes in Minimates and Marvel Select form this year! Some of the Minimates might be spoilers for things to look for in the movie; Batroc, Agent Jasper Sitwell and Crossbones for starters. Marvel Select gets a great Cap and an amazing looking Falcon.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 swings into things with Diamond with a great looking Select Spider-Man. Minimates gets Spider-Man, Gwen, Green Goblin, Electro, Peter Parker, Smythe, and Rhino.
  • Some new Best of Minimates sets are coming out including Luke Cage/Powerman with Iron Fist, Bruce Banner/Hulk with Iron Man, Spidey-Sense Spider-Man with Captain America, and a Hank Pym/Ant Man with Clint Barton/Hawkeye.
  • Other great Marvel Minimates including Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men : Days of the Future Past are on the way!  We couldn’t take any pictures, but we can still talk a little about them.  From GotG; Starlord, Drax, Rocket Raccoon, Drax, Gamera, Nebula, and Ronan the Accusser.  Nothing yet for Guardians of the Galaxy in Select scale. From the new X-Men movie, we will see past and present versions of Wolverine, Magneto, and Professor X as well as a Mystique and Rogue.
  • Diamond does have some pretty nifty Ghostbusters stuff, check out the Stay Puft banks.

Let’s have a look at the images, shall we?



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