Uncle Milton is the toy maker that brought us the Jedi Force power test set that you can find at Toys R Us now.  Their toys are both intriguing and educational, seeking to engage children on play and intellectual levels.

Uncle Milton brings us some really interesting Marvel branded goodies for 2013 featuring Spider-Man, the Hulk and Iron Man.  No coincidences, some of the greatest minds in the Marvel Universe can bring to the table some of the most learnable toys.

The Hulk gets a Transforming figure, bought in a paper box, if you drop him in a large jug of water, he expands, breaks out of the box and becomes massive!  Even cooler, when you take him out, he shrinks right back down to box size.

Spidey gets the Web Creator Lab where a kid can make stretchable, slingable webs in a mold, or they can create web balls.  Eat your heart out Peter Parker.

Iron Man gets two neat devices, the Repulsor Ray Tech Lab which levitates a ball by way of ‘repulsor’ technology.  You can take said ball through pre-made mazes or create your own.  Iron Man also gets the Arc Reactor Lab.  It’s circuit technology that powers up the lights and sounds of the Arc Reactor.  Get the circuit just right for the best effect!

Thor is also in this science group bringing the thunder and lightening.  The Lightening Energy Hammer harnesses the power of metal to draw objects to it, and when it hits, it lights up.  It also cradles in a base that will serve as a room light when the hammer is docked.

Uncle Milton also has a great array of other educational properties applied cleverly, Star Wars, Nat Geo to name a few.  Check them out  at http://www.unclemilton.com.

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