Thinkgeek is a website that has been near and dear to my heart for many years.  They feature products that are extensively ‘applicable’ to my lifestyle.  The most recent of which being the Dragon Scale Bag Of Holding.  That’s not why we are here though, that’s already out and it has nothing to do with Marvel.

Exciting news out of the Thinkgeek camp from Toy Fair and a little bit before though, they have the Marvel License and the folks in the Thinkgeek labs are working overtime to churn out compelling Marvel based products.  One of which I will be placing an order for tonight.  The MODOK coffee mug.  I don’t drink coffee at work, but I may bring this in just to let my geek flag fly and show Marvel love while I desk jockey my way through the day.

Notable as well and available now Marvel-wise from Thinkgeek, Marvel family window stickers.  Have a family of Caps, Wolverine  or Iron Men.

Thinkgeek is great for a ton of other stuff with a growing range of licenses including Marvel, Dexter, Firefly, Star Wars, Star Trek and Minecraft to name a few.  Head over there, buy neat stuff, and pay homage to the undying one by getting a Cthulu USB tentacle.

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