MegaBloks made time for and we thank them truly.  Their appointment schedule was well booked but they managed to sneak us in and introduce us to a ton of properties upcoming from this year.   As a parent and a fan of many of the licenses they bring to the table, I’m very excited.

For the kids, their first builder series continues  and will grow with new Animal shaped blocks.  Be on the look out for an epic sized $100 building table as well.  First Builders will also feature Billy Beats.  A Piano …man, where the keys are made up of MegaBloks.  He’ll play on his own or you can play in a multitude of modes.

MegaBloks will also be going further down animal way with their Tubtown line of builders featuring Safari figure packs.  Also,  parents, be on the look out for their 750 generic piece build kit for $19.99, it’s a great way to inspire young building.

Mega is working to further build out the Thomas the tank line with First Builders and bag packaging.  Also be on the look out for new ride ons and MegaPlay in the fall.  MegaPlay (not Thomas related) is a giant structure that you can build on to and will be available for $100.

MegaBloks is working the pink side of things, we get a rebranded refreshed Dora line, all the basics, First Time Builders in pink shades, and Barbie!  Barbie goes bananas with what you can build, showcasing a Rock Star Stage with lights and sounds a vacation set and a Mansion to which you can add individual sets and rooms.

Mega has picked up the jeep license and will add Jeep to it’s rugged CAT and John Deere lines.  Also don’t forget to check out Mega  Hot Wheels, buildable cars interchangeable with drivers.  The larger scale features pull back and release motorization with customization at a $19.99 price point.

Now into the big boys toys, World of Warcraft!!  What they have done with this license is amazing, play sets, mounts and heroes.  The articulation and level of detail is incredible and I implore you to check out the gallery.

MegaBloks perennial hit is Halo and the line features a fully re-tooled Pelican.  They will be enhancing their blind pack series up to 16 figures  and the drop pods are being replaced by mechs.  We weren’t able to take pictures of Halo but I assure you that the line is impressive.

Don’t forget the crazy amount of other licenses that MegaBloks is working with, Skylanders, Hello Kitty Smurfs…the list is near endless and MegaBloks brings each line to articulated plastic with passion and fun.

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