Marvel at Toy Fair 2013

In order to keep from things getting unwieldy I’m going to pare down posts related to Toy Fair 2013.  Awesome things mind you, will get their own post, but Toy Fair is a big place with a lot of toys and to save you clicking around I’m going to pile them into two main categories, Marvel, and anything other than Marvel.  Diamond Select Toys will get their own love, and some of the really interesting stuff I saw will get individual posts.

Marvel was ALL OVER at Toy Fair this year, it was tough to stumble and not hit a picture of Spider-Man.  Good for kids, good for collectors, good for us.


Neca has a ton of great stuff but let’s get started with Marvel.  Shown were statues of Iron Man and Captain America from the Avengers movie, I believe 1/6 scale and they both looked incredible! (Gallery below).

Also from NECA we see the Avengers movie line of bobbleheads.  New stuff though, we will see a Wolverine line of HeroClix featuring brand new ‘team clix’.  Each team is sold like the superboosters of old, featuring 3 of x team members.  Additional team members can be added through blind boxes.  We got some nice images of the upcoming Spider-Man series but nothing for Wolverine was available for display.

NECA also put forth a strong showing of movie and game tie in product lines, you ca check them all out below in the gallery.

PPW Toys

PPW Toys gave us the previously reviewed Yo Gabba Gabba assortment of 10 inch figures.  MUReview loved them and we love PPW.  Coming this year they will be dropping some new Mr. Potato head Marvel licensed figures (like they are hot).  We got a look at Wolverine and Iron Man and they plan to expand the line even further.  These appear to be collector driven potatoes, as much or more for the desk as they are for the kids.    We will see Iron Man and Wolverine around June and Thor later this year!

PPW also brings a solid full line to the table of Wizard of Oz spuds and more.  Let’s not forget the Gabba line. They’ve got figures vinyl, and all sorts of other great Gabba stuff for your kids!  Buy those 10 inch Gabbas! Buy buy buy!! It’s the only way they can hit their marks to make the rest of the characters, and I want them!!!  Check them out at


Monogram brings us a bananas assortment of Marvel (and DC and Disney) goods.  Non-pose-able figures, key chains, erasers bust banks, their portfolio is excellent and there is so much here for Marvel collectors, check out the images.


That’s right! Ty! Beanie Baby manufacturer extraordinaire brings us some Marvel love this year with Beanie Balls and babies of Iron Man and Spider-Man, make no mistake though, they’ve got the license and we will have more Marvel Beanies.  You should be able to find these in stores now!

That’s all for the jumble of Marvel stuff, I’ll put up a few more specific articles, but if you are looking to buy some Marvel branded plastic crack (or plush), your wallet won’t get a break this year!

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