Toy Fair brings so much to the table, so many innovative new ideas.   It also brings some awful ideas, and it’s fun to pass those by and just wonder, but we aren’t here to talk about what we didn’t like.  We are here to talk about and share with you what we loved.

I want to bring what I enjoyed to you in no particular order, or just the order that I stumbled upon these things in.  This isn’t Marvel related, this isn’t necessarily even action figure related, it’s just neat stuff I think my readers would appreciate as fans of neat stuff, as parents and as humans.

Cuddle Barn

At Cuddle Barn’s booth I stumbled upon two interesting animated figures, Talking Tom and Santa Sez.  Talking Tom will mimic what you say parrot style, and Santa Sez can carry on better than a one sided conversation with you about your Christmas presents…he can’t spell worth a damn, but interesting still.  Check them out here

Cloud B

I told my wife about my experiences with Cloud B, same as I will tell you.  I was ‘seduced’ into their booth and told a story of new born and infant sleep aids that was only partially naughty sounding…that was until I was invited into the PeepRoom.  Not lying.  Cloud B features baby sleep aids like the now ubiquitous Sleep Sheep.  This years line features upgrades though, motion sensing so moms and dads don’t have to keep coming into the room!  Sleep Sheep Tech has also been built into other interesting characters, not the least of which is a monkey…we all like monkeys.  I was also given a demo for their dream lite style turtle.  This hard shelled creature featured a top speckled with holes that illuminated lights on a timer to paint a dark room with designs and colorful light.  Definitely worth checking out at

Manhattan Toys

Manhattan Toys displayed a line that was nothing short of overflowing in a very large booth but I stopped in for one thing and one thing only.  The Fraggle Rock 30th Anniversary collection.  A line of puppets, plus, keychains and more of the beloved early 80’s Muppets. Price points are 24.99 and under and the 30th anniversary tag on each Fraggle is sure to make you feel at least that old if you remember them…It really has been 30 years.  The replicas are faithful, adorable and huggable and I relish the thought of my 3 year old sticking his hand up one of their butts and giving mom and dad a great puppet show.  (Yes, I’ve educated my little dude about Fraggles…not putting hands up things butts though).


Zing is suction dart tech win.  It’s all bow and arrow based, but each bow hooks easily onto the arrow with elastic / rubber hooks.  Pull back is smooth and release / hit is satisfying.  It’s an innovative tech on an age old weapon made toy and I commend them for it.  I was able to land bullseyes with ease after my first two or three arrows and that is a credit to their ease of use.

Tangle Creations

Designed with relaxation and motion therapy in mind, Tangle Creations  pits the user against a curved component imperfect hoop and you twirl the curved pieces and make neat designs.  Pieces range from $3 to over $50 for monstrous strands.  After spending 20 minutes with a few freebies last night I’m intrigued.  Mine are hard small plastic, but those sold for therapeutic purposes are larger with ‘squishy’ coating that is very satisfying to the touch.  Check them out at

Kites & Designs USA

One final honorable mention and I hope you are all still reading.  Kites & Designs USA caught my eye on the way out of the fair today with a giant cardboard cut out (3d) castle.  Can anyone else say Latveria Marvel fans?  Collectors of the Marvel Universe take note. could be a new and frequent home for all sorts of diorama goodness!!  The castle in particular retails for $99.99 and if you live somewhere that wouldn’t threaten something made of cardboard, you’ve got yourself an outstanding playset.


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