Diamond Select Toys makes incredible action figures, whether it’s MiniMates, Marvel Select, or even any of their other awesome movie properties.  Zach from DST let me in on a few things coming, a few things out and we are forever grateful to him.

First up, we got a look at some Select Re-Issues, as far as I’m concerned, no matter where I go I don’t see enough Select on the shelf.  Look for the Green Goblin / Norm Obsorne and Ghost Rider in Fall of 2013.  Also shown in artist mock up and not hard plastic , a Classic Era Silver Surfer! (silver underpants and all!).  This vintage rendition of Norin Radd will look great next to my Select Thanos and Lady Death…and Watcher…and Mephisto!!

Iron Man 3 will also be feeling the Select love with a movie perfect Mark 42 sculpted by Gentle Giant with a ton of interchangeable parts (heads / mask, etc..).  We can also look forward to War Machine and movie accurate Iron Patriot.

Now, I can’t stress this enough, Diamond Select Bottle Openers are awesome.  They are really great to look at and more, if you have a bottle that needs opening, who better to do it for you than Silver Surfer or the Infinity Gauntlet itself??!?!!?   It takes some to tug at my heart strings, but you put gems on a glove and I’m all in!  Throw that up next to Galactus and I’m going out of my mind.  Readers that know this site, know me, know that I’ve got a big giant soft spot for anything Marvel Cosmic and this years line of openers from DST features Cosmic heavily!    Silver Surfer, Galactus the Infinity Gauntlet.  We are also getting some Venom love, Deadpool and Punisher too!  Consider at least 50% of these sold directly to me.

On to MiniMates!!  Nova is getting a lot of love in 2013 starting with the series 50 assortment also featuring Baron Zemo, Cyborg Arm Spidey, Onslaught and Ghost Rider.  Series 51 gives us another does of Nova with the Sam Alexander Version.  51 has the new Nick Fury, Spider-Man, Sauron, SHIELD Agents!  Toys R Us Wave 16 puts our wallets through the ringer with Marvel NOW era Iron Man, Cap, Hulk, Scarlet Witch and Wolverine.  Also not to be forgotten are Phoenix 5 Magik and Colossus.

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