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Codee is a product we featured on our sister site GeekDadLife after last years toy fair.  The response to Codee was crazy ranging from fervent excitement to me getting berated because I didn’t know where people could buy it.  GeekDadLife is now mostly defunct but I would be doing you and the Internet a disservice if I didn’t put this in front of you again.

Codee is a product developed by Techno Source.  You can check out exactly what it is in images below but to describe it’s a single strand of blocks that are connected to each other but can spin, rotate, tilt and lock.  The point is to fold this single straight strand into a thing.  That thing could bewhat’s on the box, or whatever you can think up.  As of now they are working to sell us Robots Zombies Vampires, out already is a scorpion (which I have) and a bunch of other neat stuff.

Last year when I spoke with them there was a heavy emphasis on making it social and sharing ‘codes’.  Each link in the strand has number combinations.  Moving each link lands you at a specific combination.  Techno Source wanted to allow users to share codes where they made things that weren’t necessarily package intended.  I was told this didn’t pan out quite as intended last year, the product didn’t really hit shelves until holiday 2012 which is only a few months ago.  Their focus is on growing that and putting out more more more Codees this year.  Additionally they are putting out new lines with Codees as two parts making the product more modular and the smaller parts easier to work with and manipulate. I wish them luck it’s a great product and it’s such a great fidget / desk toy.   Not for nothing, I cheat at my scorpion and look at the code key to make one.  I’m just not that smart, but I like looking at the finished product.

Techno Source also has a growing library of other proudcts that I was introduced to.  GlowCrazy – Glow in the dark tech that is really impressive.  Hang a piece of their paper on the wall, hit it with a digital pen and watch patterns or free draw activate in day or night glow on the page and then fade away.

Also touted in their booth were plush cuddlies known as “The Worlds Softest” plush toys.  I asked for confirmation that this was scientifically proven but they were unable to provide those details at the time.  Like the worlds best coffee, I’ll take their word for it.  They were very soft and cuddly.

NFL RushZone is a partner with Techno Source and through that partnership they will be putting out board games with some interesting premises.  Really neat stuff!

Let’s also not forget last years Kurio tablet for kids.  It’s out now and ever improving.  Apparently though there are things they don’t want the general population to know because I wasn’t allowed to go into the champagne room to see what 2013 had in store for Kurio.  Keep your ears to the ground moms and dads.  Kurio is a locked down kid friendly tablet that is sure to please.



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