Hey everyone, just wanted to send a quick note about the next few days.  

MUReview.net is going to Toy Fair 2012 and we will be bringing you as much coverage as possible as close to real time as possible.

Actually, it will probably be end of day coverage because wi-fi at conventions is not always fantastic, nor is 3G coverage, but still, we will get you those sweet sweet images as quickly as possible. 

MUReview will be in attendance at tomorrow’s Hasbro event.  I’ve been informed that no images are permitted during the presentation, and we will honor that of course.  However, show floor / exhibit pictures will be taken in abundance. 

Coverage will continue into Sunday, and if we haven’t gotten to everything we think we need to, we will be back at Toy Fair Monday, Tuesday, and even Wednesday!

We are committed to bringing you honest information as quickly as possible and wanted to thank you for the opportunity to be able to go to Toy Fair in the first place.  Quite literally, if you guys didn’t read what we put out into this world, we would not have been considered for approval to go to Toy Fair.  Sincerely, thank you!

We look forward to the next few days and we hope you do too! 

Please, check out our sponsors, Big Bad Toy Store, Past Generation Toys, and Onlinebuyer21 (eBay).  They help us pay the bills and train fair ain’t cheap!



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