At Toy Fair we got to have a look at many of the toy treats that 2012 has to offer.  None more relevant here than the Marvel Universe line.  However, there are other things out there, even within the Marvel brand that may be worth your consideration.

It is with that we bring you Jam’n products line of Marvel Super Heroes.  Between the $5 and $10 price point we have static posed heroes on card backs.  We have a larger size at about 3 inch and a smaller at about 2 inch.  It looks as though the line is going through the standard heroes / Avengers first.  Black Widow, Hawkeye, Cap, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Spider-Man, Wolverine, but we were advised that they will have the whole line available to them.  The figures will see releases on single card, 3 pack, and 8 pack options.

In addition to the main line Marvel Heroes wwe will see the release of a Singles and Three Pack Assortment of Spider-Man figures available April 2012.

Jam’n will also be putting out some other Disney based properties including Finding Nemo, Toy Story, ‘the Princesses’, Winnie The Pooh, and more.

You can look for the Marvel line release in Mid-March.

Have a look at the gallery for a ton of images of this great little line.

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