TotalToyzLogoGood morning and welcome friends, to the first in what I hope to be a long run of Trivia Questions brought to you by and Total Toyz.

Our hope is to start with at least one trivia question per month and give away a small prize.  If you folks like it, hopefully we will have more questions and bigger prizes!!

This month’s prize, an Infinity PIN from NYCC 2013 featuring Thanos the Mad Titan.







The question:

Name two Marvel Comics heroes who were born and mostly operated outside the USA, whose costumed identities begin with the same four letters.



The rules – Send an email to MUReview using the contact us form, or directly to dj at mureview dot net with the answer to the question.  The first answer gets the pin, absolutely free, no charge for the item or for the shipping.  We will update this post with the winner and the answer.   Please DO NOT post your answers in the comments section!

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