Here’s a short list of possible Thor villains that could and would rock Thor’s world in any sequel. On a personal note, I would love to see a female villain, if done right and with the right actress in the part a female villain would be scary awesome, especially Hela.


In no particular order.


  #1. Surtur 


 Now this would be an epic villain to bring in for the sequel. His history with Odin alone could give us an Odin movie (you hear that Marvel).  Wouldn’t you love to see a 1000ft demon and Thor battling it out in IMAX!!!  




 #2. Hela


 She is Loki’s daughter and for the simple fact, she scares the heck out of me.  I know that some liberties would have to be taken with her origin and such, not like that hasn’t been done already in the Marvel Cinematic universe.

#3. Enchantress


 Now she would be a very interesting character to see on the big screen, if used correctly and such could be an even greater threat than Loki. She could even bring the Avengers back together in a sequel to face, The Masters Of Evil.

#4. Ymir 


He and the rest of the Frost Giants would be an excellent choice, especially considering Loki betrayed and murdered Laufey, and almost destroyed Jotunheim.  I can imagine that they are a little bit on the vengeful side at the moment.  Combine him and Surtur and you have a movie that is so cool it’s hot and so hot it’s cool.  

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