Thor – The Dark World – Marvel’s Kurse

Fans of the original Thor movie toy line aren’t fans because it was a bad toy line.  It wasn’t, it had some really great characters that we would otherwise have no way of getting in plastic form, Hogun, Sif, Fandral, Volstagg, even Heimdall.  It looks like Thor: The Dark World is also set up not to disappoint, with Dark Elves, and …Kurse!

Marvel’s Kurse

The Good

  • Really creepy, captures the essence of evil perfectly.  Lots of pointy things all over.
  • Excellent paint app, highlights the fine details of the mold perfectly.
  • Little bomb / grenade thinger fits in his hand perfectly.
  • If you check out the stills from the movie, this dude is dead on.

The Bad

  • He’s movie based.  At least we get him though!

The rest

Thor fans need to pick this up.  That is all.


 Big Bad Toy Store is where fans of MUReview buy things.  You can preorder this baddie there now.  You will also have luck at most retailers that carry toys.

And now…the pictures

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