Thor – The Dark World – Dark Elf

I’m a little late to the game on this one but it’s been a busy time in the MUReview household.  I still want to make sure I shared this with you though, because it’s another solid figure in the Thor 2 toy line, and sharing is what I do!  Let’s check out the Dark Elf.

The Good

  • Captures the soulless eyes perfectly.
  • Nice armor detail.
  • Good use of paint to make articulation pop.

The Bad

  • I just don’t really understand the weapons…they had swords and guns in the

The rest

As I understand it, this little guy was tough to find, hitch that to the fact that he’s a nice figure, and this is a good pick up.


 Big Bad Toy Store is where fans of MUReview buy things.  You can grab this baddie there now.

And now…the pictures

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