Update from ThinkGeek Timmy!

Come See the Shinies IRL!ThinkGeek is at the San Diego Comic Con! Not me though, interns don’t get to go to conventions. But Steve is! You should go say hi to him at booth #3849. If you would like to get a “tour” of the products and a nice conversation with the Minister of Misinformation himself, you should definitely email me, the Intern, and I can set you up with appointment! If you just want to stop by, make sure you cough loudly into your hand before offering it for a handshake.

If you’re looking for high res or product samples of anything, please just let us know!

Did I Mention Our Booth is #3849?

  • If your images were on you'd see the Exclusive Star Trek Phaser Remote Replica!Exclusive Star Trek Phaser Remote ReplicaWhile this speciality item isn’t available till November, you can see it if you stop by our booth at Comic Con. This baby will set phasers to POWER as it activates your TV and many other IR devices. It lights up, it makes noise, what more could you ask for?


  • If your images were on you'd see the Mega Man Buster Gun Replica!Mega Man Mega Buster Gun ReplicaSpeaking of lights, sounds, and introduced at Comic Con, we have this wearable piece of awesome. It’s “ambi-blaster-ous” so finally left-handers won’t be left out of the fun! Also currently unavailable for sale till November, the Mega Buster Gun is a GeekLabs construct and Capcom licensed.


  • If your images were on you'd see the Critical Hit Alignment D20s!Critical Hit Alignment D20sLet’s take a break and talk about something you can actually get your hands on – kinda. These D20s light up when you roll a 20 and are available only in person at Comic Con or online for persons enrolled in the Geek Points reward program. PS. These large die really help keep players honest and more excited about nat 20s.


  • If your images were on you'd see the R2-D9 USB Car Charger!R2-D9 USB Car ChargerSimilar to the D20s, this piece of geekery is only available at the Con or online to Geek Points members. This charging device is very similar to the R2-D2 version, but red. We tend to forget there were other bots in the R2 line that also didn’t get blown up and also supported the rebellion. So, you know, time to show them some love too.


  • If your images were on you'd see the ThinkGeek Exclusive Lizzie's Babysitting Fitted Ladies' Tee!ThinkGeek Exclusive Lizzie’s Babysitting Fitted Ladies’ TeeI think we can all admit that the episode referenced by this shirt made us all stop breathing for a few seconds. Except for, maybe, those people who had to say “But they were BROTHERS in the comic.” while the rest of us were weeping.


  • If your images were on you'd see the If Daryl Dies We Riot Crossbow Mug!If Daryl Dies We Riot Crossbow MugIs it a little unwieldy making the handle of the mug a crossbow? Perhaps. Is it still awesome and 100% what the mug says? Absolutely. And it’s made to hold 15 oz of liquid, because smalls are for people not kicking major butt 24/7.


  • If your images were on you'd see the Game of Thrones Iron Coin of the Faceless Man!Game of Thrones Iron Coin of the Faceless ManYou hear Arya use the saying “Valar Morghulis” and you got excited when you heard Daenerys say the same thing, until you remembered that the Targaryens all speak High Valerian and she’s not actually of the Faceless Men. But you can be one, or feel like one, when you hold this coin.


  • If your images were on you'd see the Avengers 4 pack Pint Glass Set!Avengers 4 pack Pint Glass SetThor, Iron Man, Captain America, and Wolverine have all assembled for this Avenger’s set. The glasses are all officially-licensed and come with pre-Movie franchise images. In their down time, do you think Cap and Wolverine talking about World War 2? Or just Weapon X? I’m pretty certain both topics are pretty much a moodkiller.
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