I don’t know how you spent the morning, but I can tell you how I did.  I setup about 7 tabs in Firefox, and used the “Reload Every” plugin.  There were two tabs on the Hasbro main page, two tabs on the Hasbro Exclusives page, and the rest were on other Hasbro sub-pages. I like many, many others, was waiting for the Hasbro SDCC 2011 exclusives to become available for purchase, an annual tradition for at least 3 years running now.

Hasbro appeared to have kindly waited for the West Coast to wake up before posting their wares.  While I had been looking for this stuff (with less feverishness) since about 6:30AM, there was zero action at hasbrotoyshop.com until give or take 12:01PM.  It may have been a little bit before, could have been after.  It’s really all a blur.

When things started going up, at first it was just two exclusives, the 14 pack Death Star case, and the Transformers / GI Joe Skystrike / Cobra Commander Jet.  Trying to get the cart to load, my credit and info to take, and then submit the order was like trying to wrangle four pigs on crack (the pigs are on crack, not the wrangler).  However, in the run of things, I got my order to submit…just in time for…

Round 2, the remaining exclusives went up, seemingly one at a time.  I was able to get a Sentinel and a Zarana non-variant into my cart.  While I was struggling across Firefox and Internet Explorer tabs to get to checkout for about 15 minutes, the remaining exclusives were posted.  I varied tabs between adding the remaining exclusives to my cart and trying to force a checkout…and trying to add just one more Sentinel to my order, because I wanted two. ..More on that later.

After about 25 minutes, I was able to load my cart with all the exclusives I wanted (one of each minus some things).  It’d gotten to the point where I had 7 tabs all at the order submit screen failing one by one until finally one clicked.

I let my keyboard cool off for about 15 minutes, and tried my hand at one final order…an additional Sentinel.

Find out if I got it next week, and what that means to you!

All in all, Hasbro’s site held up better at least than Woot does on a Bag of Crap day.  Between the Con buzz, and the forum chatter that is still ongoing, I thought for sure it would buckle.  It wasn’t smooth by any stretch, but I “got what I came for”, and maybe a little bit more.

Alot of people might complain about the delay in posting the items, but I commend Hasbro for allowing our left coast a chance to get in on the action.  I commend them for having what appears to be a fairly sizable inventory, things are still available that people might in fact want.   On top of everything else, I commend them for their site still being online because I know full well it took a beating unmerciful.

Now…I get to wait till it all ships / shows up.

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