Marvel Comicswill be making some changes to the Uncanny X-Force lineup this year.  Changes including the return of fan favorite Blue Bammfer, Nightcrawler!!This will all fall out of the shenanigans going on in X-Men Schism where Cyclops and Wolvie “step outside” and suffer a major test to their happy marriage.

A Marvel Comics teaser confirms Nightcrawler as taking the helm of X-Force (whaaat?!?!)

The title’s current arc has the team “bamfd'” to ‘The Age of Apocalypse’, an alternate universe where deceased X-Men characters Jean Grey and Nightcrawler are still alive.

Rick Remender continues to serve as the writer for Uncanny X-Force alongside artist Robbi Rodriguez.

Uncanny X-Force #19 will be released this December.

X-Men Regenesis Uncanny X Force
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