We all know superheroes never really stay dead in the comics.  Especially if they are popular ones.  So, it was only a matter of time before Johnny Storm a.k.a. The Human Torch returned to the pages of the Fantastic Four.

The Human Torch is set to return in the pages of Fantastic Four #600 which releases today.  While the whole story of Johnny’s return will not be told in issue 600 it will begin the arc.

The Associated Press in a discussion with Marvel Senior Editor Tom Brevoort alleviated any concern for fans that think writer Jonathan Hickman might be using a cheap back door (trapped in an alternate dimension, body switch, etc.) to bring Johnny back to life, saying, “Yes, he did die. He died a couple of times.” Brevoort told AP that readers wouldn’t “feel cheated.”

“FF” will also continue, and Jon will be writing both of them. They will both function as sister titles,” Brevoort continued. “One focusing on the core four and the other focusing on the Future Foundation and the broader base of characters that we have assembled.”

What do you think of Johnny coming back into the fold?  Have you really even missed him?  Sound off!



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