Remember the teaser for Marvel NOW! Birth?  …well, this is it.

Thanos The mad Titan is going to feature in his own book come April of 2013, ‘Thanos Rising’ looks to dig into the dark and disturbing origins of this mass murdering, planet conquering, Death loving monster.  I for one cannot wait.  Writer Jason Aaron calls it one of the darkest books he’s ever written for Marvel.

““This is without a doubt one of the creepiest stories I’ve ever gotten to write for Marvel. It’s the origin of an outer space serial killer, the story of the universe’s weirdest romance and a grand cosmic tragedy, all wrapped up in one,” added Aaron. “This is me taking five issues to really dig into the head of a space-faring world conqueror, mass murderer and hopeless romantic. I love writing stories with villains as the main character, and this book is about Thanos all the way.”


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