I grew up with GI Joe.  My brother picked up on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles heavy.  I won’t say I didn’t get it.  I did, I enjoyed all things Turtles.  At the end of the day though, I was never really all that passionate about them.  However, I realize that to all of their fans, TMNT is one of the greatest things ever.  There are 40 year old men walking around that still have a crush on cartoon April, and you can even hear hints of Michelangelo and Rafael speaking through some of the most devout fans many years removed from the original TV show / follow up movies.  All this, while the comics are still running (they are still running right?) and following a clear original mythos.

The fact that someone would step in at this point in time and say they know better with regards to one of cartoon, comic, and action figure lore’s most iconic properties is an abomination and an insult even to me.

Michael Bay, I hope you fail with every movie you make. 

I was willing to try with Transformers and you really botched that up…but you said you knew better there too, didn’t you.

Michael Bay, stop making movies, stop ruining peoples childhood fancy’s. 



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