Syberia 3 – PS4

Syberia 3 showed up on the shores of this week and we got a chance to check it out.  We’d like to thank Microids for sending it to us for free for review.  Syberia 3 is, if you can believe it, the third game in the Syberia series.  The last game in the series, Syberia 2 was released in 2004, so it’s been a while.  This entry in the series, 3, was originally slated for release in 2010.  So after at least 7 years in the oven, let’s see how the series holds up!  MUReview performed this review against the Playstation 4 version of the game.

The Good

  • Engrossing, compelling story line.
  • Creative, fun, and engaging puzzles.
  • Solid graphics throughout the game, crisp, sharp.
  • Functional intuitive control scheme.
  • The color palate and tone of the visuals in the game capture the intended mood of each scene and environment very well.
  • When voice acting is good, it’s very, very good.

The Bad

  • The biggest hindrance for me in this game is that you begin the game with little to no reference to story prior to this game (Syberia, Syberia 2).  I had to dig and do my own research on the Internet.
  • The game does have it’s share of bugs.  Lip sync at times is off putting.  Frame rate problems, a few rough clicks / target areas. 
  • When voice acting is bad, it’s pretty rough.

The rest

Syberia 3 is just getting started for me.   I look forward to spending more time with it and getting through all of the games intricate puzzles.  That stated, this review encompasses general feel of the game, play-ability, surface features.  I avoided a full playthrough for a few reasons, spoiling the game for you chief among those reasons.  If I know what’s going to happen I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut!  That said, we have had a good time so far with Syberia 3 despite it’s hiccups and we think you will enjoy it too…so much so, that we are going to give away a copy! Keep reading!


Syberia 3 is out now for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.  What’s really cool though, is that MUReview will be giving a copy away for either Xbox One or PS4.  Check out the giveaway here!!

The Trailer


Screen Shots



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