Skylanders has been a fixture in our home since the release of Swap Force.  I looked at it at the store and thought…this will bring financial ruin upon me.  My children are such collectors, they will have to have them all.  I was right about my children, the litlgeeks having to have them all, but so far, no financial ruin, just a lot of fun, and a lot of fantastic toys to life figures decorating the basement.


Between the toys to life games, we’ve always preferred Skylanders, because it offers a guided journey through a colorful world, with lots of fun adventures and activities at the ready.  Something you don’t get, or don’t get enough of in the other TTL games.  Skylanders Imaginators picks up the banner waved by last years stellar Skylanders Superchargers and carries it forward to dazzling results.

Though we only got in a few minutes with a pre-release build of Skylanders Imaginators, we had an amazing conversation with our new friends at Activision and we got to check out the hook that will bring you back to this years Skylanders release.

Imaginators features Senseis and Creation Crystals.  A player will use a Creation Crystal to create their very own hyper customized Skylander.  The Senseis are there to “teach” the Skylanders moves. All of the same play mechanics are in place from years past, and of course, the full back catalog of Skylanders and even vehicles will be use-able in Imaginators.  This allows for an absolutely mind boggling combination of gameplay interactivity.

Activision also showed off for the first time, Hood Sickle Sensei figure at Sweet Suite and we have some great images of him in the gallery.  He’s the one in the hood, with a sickle.

We had a great time at the Skylanders Imaginators booth and we can’t wait to get our hands on the game for a full review when it comes out this October!

Head to for more info about Skylanders Imaginators.

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