Magic Box: Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch

If you have a Switch, this is the very moment that you have been waiting for.  If you don’t have a Switch, this is the very reason you should be going out to get one.  Welcome folks and friends, to litlgeeks and MUReview’s look at Super Mario Odyssey! (for the Nintendo Switch!).  The Nintendo Switch has been red hot this year, launching with Zelda, adding Mario Kart, ARMS, Pokken Tournament DX, but today…well, last week, the God Father of all things Nintendo joins the Switch lineup in a big way, with one of his most fun entries ever.  Joining Super Mario Odyssey on the Switch…and in this video, we get 3 new Amiibo, Bowser, Peach, and Mario, all special for Super Mario  Odyssey.  We also picked up Cappy (we will tell you about Cappy!), a few great posters, and a collector coin too! Watch the video for some fun, and scroll down for what you need to know.

Super Mario Odyssey | Amiibo | Cappy | Preorder Swag

Magic Box: Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch

What to Expect

Mario, glorious Mario.  This is an open world, 3D platforming game.  You run, you jump, you ground pound, head butt, and most importantly, you toss around Cappy to navigate through the beautiful world that Nintendo has created.  


  • Our favorite contol is with the Pro Controller, it feels right.
  • Joy Cons separated allow you additional / easier targeting options with Cappy.
  • Joy Cons attached to the Switch allow for play on the go.


  • Super Mario Odyssey can be played as one or two players.  
    • As one player, you control  Mario and Cappy.
    • As two players, one player controls Mario, the other controls Cappy.  Though, if player two is asleep at the wheel, player one can also control Cappy. 

How does it play?

Fans of Mario in a 3D world will be familiar with what’s going on here.  All of the wonderful mechanics from the history of Mario are at play, running, jumping, butt stomping, backflipping, it’s all there.  What’s new though?  Cappy is new.  He’s your hat.  You toss him to knock out enemies, blocks, interact with the environment.  You also toss him to take control of, or “posses” characters in the game world, from Goombas, to frogs, to Dinosaurs…and way way way more.  Each character you take control of has different abilities and ways to help you through your quest to save the princess from Mario’s age old nemesis, Bowser.  We aren’t through the game yet her at litlgeeks / MUReview, but everything we have experienced so far has been nothing short of magical.  Fighting giant bosses with chain chomps, and our favorite part, going through a 2D pipe and taking Mario into an old school game world inside of the beautiful 3D environment.  


If you don’t have a Nintendo Switch, you’ve been on the fence.  This is it, get the Switch, pick up Mario, and feel great about your purchase while you enjoy new challenges draped in nostalgia and familiar plumber friends.  If you do have a Switch, I have no idea why you are even reading this, you should be playing the game already.  Super Mario Odyssey is an absolutely fantastic game that should find itself in the echelon of games that “everyone has played”.  It should be a point of reference for future games, and conversations about games for many years to come.  Go get it.

Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo

Super Mario Odyssey will work with just about any Amiibo out there.  Tap them into the game to get sweet bonuses like hearts, invincibility, or, with the right Amiibo, like the ones below, plus a few more, get sick in game outfits, like Mario in a Peach wedding dress!  Older Amiibo will yield Wario’s outfit, Luigi’s outfit and more!  These three great Amiibo, Mario, Peach, and Bowser are beautiful, all decked out and white and ready to help the worlds favorite plumber get the job done!


Super Mario Odyssey Cappy Hat

The Super Mario Odyssey Cappy Hat is the real world version of Mario’s lovable in game companion for Super Mario Odyssey, Cappy!  This hat stretches to fit nicely, from litlheads all the way up to giant ones like mine!  The eyes are big and expressive, it’s a fantastic hat too!  As I told one of my friends though, it is in fact, just a hat and will not grant you any in game bonuses.


Super Mario Odyssey Pre-Order Swag

Folks who pre-ordered / bought SMO at Best Buy could snag themselves a great collectors coin.  From Gamestop, a pretty two-sided poster.  Check em out!

Super Mario Odyssey is rated E for Everyone | This post / video is for entertainment purposes only | Amiibo are for ages 6 and up

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