Super Awesome Me – Captain America…also, DJ

Not 30 days ago, I was lucky enough to attend the Hasbro “Twas the night before” party in swanky old Manhattan.  At said party (which was absolutely epic), guests were treated to hang out in a line for a little bit, to have their heads scanned to be turned magically into an action figure of their choosing (Choose Captain America or Iron Man).

The process consisted of…well mostly waiting in line, because of course every single human at this party wanted to be scanned!  But after waiting in line, the ‘customer’ sat in a fancy chair in front of a TV, with, of all things, a Microsoft Kinect (360 version, not Xbox One version), on a track below the TV set.  When the system was ready to go, the TV said “stay still”, and the ‘customer’ did so as the Kinect slid back and forth, angling itself a few times until returning back to the middle and resting again.  By this point, your turn was half way over and you were ushered around to the other side of the kiosk where you entered in some quick info and picked your hero.

Less than 30 days later, surprise! Super Awesome Me!  Captain America with my ugly mug showed up on my doorstep!  Now, some things.

1.  Had no idea it was coming, totally, absolutely made my day.

2. It looks INCREDIBLE!  It’s me without the bald spot / receding hairline!

3. This is something you can do for yourself, …just not, now.  The window was at the end of September at limited Walmart and Sam’s Club stores.  However, click this link and check back at that sight often for upcoming windows for scanning and printing.

4. 3 Makes me really sad! I wish you could all go check this out today.  This is really one of the neatest things I’ve seen.

5. In case you were wondering, the heads are 3d printed.  The bodies are the standard Cap and Iron Man 12 inch figures you can find in stores today. The face is made of gypsum rated at 4+ for age range, but it’s delicate…this shouldn’t really be played with.  Also to note…it’s a very interesting thing to touch.  Very grainy feel to the head.


Now then, the above said.  Holy crap, thank you Hasbro, this is so freaking awesome.  What are they gonna think of next?  Let’s look at the pictures!



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