Star Wars Black Series Rogue One Jyn Erso
MUReview sister site litlgeeks was on hand at Holiday of Play 2016, a Toy Insider event in NYC that let a good collection of toy companies show off what’s coming for holiday 2016.  litlgeeks left with a gift bag.  In that gift bag, was Jyn Erso from Rogue One!  This figure, while similar to the Hasbro SDCC exclusive is the standard single card release of Jyn Erso, available for preorder now, releases on Force Friday 2016 (9/30).  While we don’t typically dive into Star Wars toys…she’s awesome, so why not have a look right?

The Good

  • Incredible face sculpt, facial detail.  Unmistakably Felicity Jones
  • Very nice hair sculpt, again, accurate to Jones from what I’ve seen in trailers.
  • Removable head wrap adds depth to the character.
  • Jyn comes with a gun, and a Han Solo like holster, love it!

The Bad

  • Very well designed figure, nothing bad to say about Jyn.

The rest

Hasbro always takes risks on movie toys.  While it’s hard to think of Star Wars line toys as movie toys, because they’ve been with us as long as GI Joe, that’s what they are.  So coming out with new, never before seen characters, where people don’t yet have a connection, it’s iffy.  Which is why it’s a good thing that this is a fantastic figure regardless.  I don’t think Rogue One is going to come out and be anything but amazing, but you never know right?  Still, you get this brilliant Jyn Erso figure whether or not the movie is epic!


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The Pictures

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