Star Wars Black Series (6 Inch) R2-D2

Toy Fair 2013 was amazing.  The Hasbro event prior to Toy Fair though…pretty much blew the whole event out of the water.  They put on a fireworks show of awesome plastic crack.  While this is a Marvel site, and I was obviously most interested in their Marvel stuff, the second I saw this 6 inch R2 on a pedestal, I counted the days until I could pre-order.  That I did, and it showed up a few weeks back (I’m catching up!).  Let’s have a quick look at the details and then oggle away.

The Good:

  • The amount of accessories is absolutely staggering.
  • The detail on R2 in this scale is miles away from anything I’ve ever seen attempted before…I live in a house with a lot of R2 units.
  • The accessories allow for an amazing number of scene replications.

The Bad:

  • No sounds.
  • No lights.
  • The accessories.  While awesome, and plentiful, they are small and easily lost.

The Rest:

  • If you love Star Wars, don’t look at this as ‘whatever it’s R2 they will make a billion’.  This is an awesome figure, and it may be harder to find than you think.


Whatever, it’s R2, they will make a billion.

The Pictures:


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