Star Wars Black Series Kylo Ren Unmasked
MUReview went to the always stellar Hasbro ‘Twas The Night Before event at NYCC 2016.  We left with a bag of awesome stuff.  The most awesome of which is the Kylo Ren 6″ Black Series figure that you see before you now.  Read on for our thoughts and look at the pretty pictures.

The Good

  • Hasbro as per usual, nails the character likeness.
  • Cloth and plastic come together here to portray Kylo’s menacing outfit perfectly.
  • Though there are some molded sash pieces, Kylo can still move and pose very well.
  • Kylo has solid wrist / hand / arm articultaion that allows for some very good lightsaber posing.

The Bad

  • I’m greedy.  Give me an alt head with the mask / helmet.

The rest

Hasbro ably tackles this now iconic Star Wars big bad and gives us a fantastic figure that has good articulation and looks every bit as mean as he does in real life.


Kylo is available now at Amazon! 

The Pictures

 MUReview received these products for free for review purposes.
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