The Star Trek Select line is almost upon us! The new series will feature
the first new 7″ Star Trek figures to come out of Diamond Select Toys in
quite some time, and we’re pretty excited about it. With detailed
sculpting by Patrick Piggott, each figure comes with multiple
interchangeable parts and a deluxe diorama base, as well as a second,
non-poseable figure to interact with! And now we have packaging pics!

Mr. Spock is captured as he appears in the classic episode “Devil in the
Dark,” with a cave diorama and a Horta alien — the first Horta toy ever
made! Spock himself will have interchangeable legs for standing or
crouching poses, and interchangeable hands to hold a phaser or tricorder
or establish a mental link with the Horta. He even comes with an
alternate grimacing head!

The second Star Trek Select figure, Captain Kirk, comes with an
engineering room diorama base, a second set of hands, a broken phaser
and a control rod, as well as a second set of legs so he can deliver a
flying kick to the reeling figure of Khan himself! That’s right, this
figure is based on the episode “Space Seed,” and re-creates the first
battle between the longtime foes.

Both figures come in packed-to-the-gills Select packaging, and will be
available at comic shops and specialty stores in early June. Pre-order
today with your local shop or favorite online retailer!

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