60th Ant-iversary Ant Farms: Celebrate Uncle Milton’s 60th ANT-IVERSARY with the new updated Ant Farm that features unique and comical ant worlds of the future: Antes Mountains, Ant Canyon and Antopia Rainforest. Kids can connect all of these Ant Farm habitats together to create an amazing interconnected world of ants.  Also, consumers can order harvester ants online and Uncle Milton will ship these live ants direct to your home! Ages 6+. SRP $16.99.  Available now on Amazon and Toys R Us.


Dino X Team Skeletal Slime Chamber: Dig your hands into slimy preservation gel and extract dino bones! Build them into a full dino skeleton replica and display it inside the slime chamber. Ages 6+. SRP $24.99.  Available now on Amazon.


Dino X Team Glow-in-the-Dark 100 Piece Puzzles: Create 100 piece puzzles featuring realistic and exclusive illustrations of dinosaurs in action. Then, turn off the lights and watch as the dinosaur bones flow in the dark. Ages 6+. SRP $4.99. Available now at unclemilton.com


Jakku Ant Farm: See the amazing underground world of ants come to life on terrain similar to Jakku, the desert planet from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This special edition version of the classic Ant Farm toy is sleek and futuristic, while also coinciding with Uncle Milton’s 60th Ant-iversary since the launch of the original Ant Farm habitat back in 1956. Kids will learn all about natural science as they watch the fascinating behaviors of ants as they dig tunnels in the sand and build mountains within a memorable scene from the desert planet of Jakku. Includes sand and online code to order live harvester ants online. Ages 6+. SRP $19.99. Available now on Amazon and Toys R Us.


Undersea Light Projector: See a glowing, undersea light come to life in your room featuring your favorite Finding Dory characters! Project colorful fish and coral on your walls with eight different light programs that create soft, multicolored light shows in your room. In addition, the lighted undersea scene makes a great room light for your nightstand. It’s also battery-operated with auto shut-off for bedtime. Ages 5+. SRP $29.99. available in MAY- on Amazon and Toys R Us.


Finding Dory My Sign!:  Highlight your name in lights next to your favorite Finding Dory characters! Make your own personalized, light-up nameplate or sign, and customize it withdecorative images and stickers from the new Finding Dory movie. Display it on your wall and watch as a soft, multicolored light show creates a soothing room light. It’s battery operated andeasy to display on your wall. Ages 5+. SRP $29.99. Available in MAY on Amazon and Toys R Us.


Dory Wall Friends: Interact with Dory right in your room! The interactive light-up, talking Wall Friend is a perfect addition to a child’s bedroom. Just touch the remote control button and watch as Dory lights up and talks with many fun, familiar phrases from the new Finding Dory movie. The Dory Wall Friends display is over 13” tall, makes a fantastic night light with high and low brightness, includes a remote control, and has a convenient auto shut off for bedtime. Ages 3+. SRP $34.99. Available in MAY on Amazon and Toys R Us.

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