Spider-Man line Australia KMart Exclusive Anti-Venom

Everyone and their sister needs to know how cool Ricky Hall from the Make Mine Marvel Facebook group really is.  He lives in Australia, and he’s cooler than almost damn everyone.  So yeah, he’s awesome, and it’s because of him that I got hands this awesome Anti-Venom action figure.  The figure is a KMart Aussie exclusive and comes packed with throw away Spider-Man and Green Goblin.  I didn’t throw them away, they are in a picture or two, but this post is about Anti-Venom, so pretend they don’t even exist.

The Good:

  • The white on black application here shows excellent contrast.
  • Shadowed white detail looks great and shows off excellent muscle tone.
  • The tongue is more than convincing.
  • The shoulder growths are perfectly creepy.

The Bad:

  • Very clear red stamp on his back inner thigh.  That couldn’t have been black?
  • The long rubber arm extension is suggestive to say the least…

The Rest:

  • Did I mention, thank you Ricky Hall?  This figure is sick!


Unless you know someone from the Land Down Under, you are pretty much out of luck.

The Pictures:

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