has posted an interview with Kate Beckinsale talking about the latest Underworld release “Awakening”.  A sample is below, but head on over to for the full interview!

Q: How was this film presented to you and how were you convinced to do this film?
I really wasn’t intending to do another one. I kind of always heard that it was a trilogy and that was that. I didn’t like the idea of rehashing the same old thing too much. I think also having played the part twice, I’ve never played the same part even twice before, so I thought that doing it for the third time was like, “Where would you take it where it is worth doing?” Len [Wiseman] is a really great husband and has learned to just ignore his wife going, “No.” and just quietly write a script for a couple of years and then say, “Actually, I have had this pretty good idea.” The fact that it opened up the world a lot and had it come into the real world. The whole presence with a daughter was such a different take that I was sort of going, “Okay, that is interesting.” It is nice. It’s like our family business. How many actors get to have that? It’s like everybody is wearing rubber.”



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