We begin in Stark’s lab. He’s talking to “dummy” and his suits of armor, telling them he’s about to introduce them to their badass baby brother. He asks Dummy to play some seasonal music and he turns on a techno version of Jingle Bells. Stark stands, posing and flexing. Suddenly a piece of armor shoots across the room. One by one, his armor form, flying at him as he wills it to. One hits his crotch, through, and he doubles over. Another slams into his back and he falls, but jet-propels himself back up.

The last piece is the faceplate and, as it comes at him, he flips, propeling himself off the crowd with one hand upside down while the mask comes on. We see another scene with Favreau as Happy talking to Stark through a video chat. “You can’t talk to me like that,” he tells Stark good humoredly, “I don’t work for you anymore.”“That’s because you quit!” says Stark. He says he can’t deal with Stark being off with the Superfriends these days. We see a bunch of footage — Guy Pearce’s character — The Iron Patriot armor.

“Some people call me a terrorist,” says a voice (I don’t think it’s Kingsley) “I consider myself a teacher. Lesson number one: There is no such thing as heroes.” We see a bunch of helicopters firing on Stark’s house, blowing it off the edge of the cliff. Inside, every suit of armor is destroyed. Iron Man falls into the ocean as wreckage comes down on top of him. Cut to Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin. It’s the costume from the comic almost exactly. The footage ends and they’re even calling him the Mandarin now. Mandarin is wearing at least four rings

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