SDCC 2017: Marvel Plush Lockjaw, Scottie Young Groot Rocket and Spidey

Marvel consistently brings out great stuff to conventions.  T-Shirts, toys, comics, plush.  This year, we got our hands on some of the coolest items at the Marvel Booth at SDCC thanks to our friend on the ground Mr. Ryan.  1000 Thank yous to you!   Featured here are three plush characters (four technically), Lockjaw, Scottie Young Groot with Rocket, and Scottie Young Spider-Man.  I’m not going to go into review mode on all of these adorable pieces, they are cute, they are cuddly and they are well designed.  Each piece is faithful to the source character in one way or the other, with the Scottie Young plushies featuring double doses of extra cute in a way that only Scottie Young can deliver.  It should be noted, there were two additional Scottie Young plush characters introduced at SDCC 2017.  Captain America and Black Panther, those are not reviewed here…in fact, their existence totally escaped me until today… Oh well!  Check em out, and if you have questions, I’m happy to answer, just leave a comment.

Lockjaw | Rocket and Groot | Spider-ManThe Rest | Availability Family Photos



Rocket and Groot



The Rest

In years past, the must have items from Marvel were the Scottie Young pins.  Marvel upgraded those pins to plush, and then added Lockjaw, because well, with Inhumans coming, he’s topical and adorable, can’t question the decision.  I also get why he wasn’t a Scottie Young design, you want to promote the show, I’m good with it.  He’s awesome.  These plush characters introduce a question though.  Is this the way forward for Marvel convention exclusives?  What are we going to see at NYCC?  Will we get more Scottie plush?  I hope so!  


If you didn’t get them at SDCC, for now, eBay is about your only chance, eBay, trade groups, the aftermarket.  I’m hoping they bring these and more out at NYCC 2017!

Family Photos!


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