Today is the first official date of SDCC 2017 and Hasbro is already droppin bombs.  Bombs like what you ask?  Well, in addition to all the awesome stuff we already knew, and the Black and White Deadpool last night, ….  But first! Thanks to our friends and Kastors Korner for picture sharing.

Marvel Legends Vintage:

Captain America and Spider-Man were on display in throwback packaging, much like the Amazon 6 pack of 3.75 Spider-Man figures we reviewed for you this year.  Except these are 6 inch figures, one looks quite like the much coveted Pizza Spidey!  the other bears more than a resemblance to my favorite Legends Cap, Wolf Cap!  Is this the first toy line I keep in the box???

Marvel Legends Deadpool Wave (will be separate from next X-Men Wave)

  • First appearance Cable – We all asked for it!
  • Sleek Sexy Deadpool – He is both sleek and sexy.
  • Domino – Begging for this for a long time.
  • Black and White Deadpool – Gimmie
  • Also pictured – Human Torch – the Walgreens exclusive in the flesh!

Black Widow on a Motorcycle



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