SDCC news is at a boiling point, and it’s only going to bubble over even more today, but let’s start with what is closest to my heart.  Marvel Legends, 3.75″, direct from the Hasbro booth.  Special thanks to my inside set of eyes, dude is a super hero, but I don’t want him to be assassinated for sending me awesome photos, so he shall remain nameless.

Let’s check out images of the 3.75″ Marvel Legends, Rainbow Deadpool Box Set! The set features 5 Deadpool figures, all the same mold and features per figure, but we get a red, a green, a blue, a purple, and a yellow.  The figures are repaints, but awesome repaints nonetheless (imagine the Deadpool dioramas!) and I can’t wait to get hands on to share em with you fine folks out there in Interwebs land.


A few  notes.  Fall release. Not exclusive, main line!!!


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