Hasbro just let the lid off of what has been brewing for them since Toy Fair.  Tons of great stuff, coming from here to 2018.  Tons of great waves, some excellent surprises. MUReview watched Marvelicious Toys Podcast and grabbed some screens for you, but please, go check them out, they are fantastic! 

The panel featured esteemed and fantastic speakers:

  • Jesse Falcon
  • Dwight Stall
  • Bobby Vala
  • Jeff Labovitz
  • Erica Verdi
  • Ryan Ting
  • Tony Colella
  • Adam Biehl

Now…what’s coming?

Marvel Legends 6″

6″ Walgreens Medusa she will not have high heels!

6″ Hydra TRU 2-pack 3 heads per figure.

6″ Defenders Comic 4-Pack, Amazon Exclusive featuring Luke Cage, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist.

6″ Toy Biz 5″ Tribute Line.  We’ve already seen Iron Man, Captain America, Punish, Spider-Man, now we see classic versions of Black Widow and Wolverine.

6″ Black Panther wave: Black Bolt, Namor (in his speedo) and a few others… 

6″ Vehicle figures in 2018, from the show floor Black Widow and Ghost Rider.  The bikes are heavy in detail, and Ghost Rider’s is configurable sorta.

Songbird will be a part of 2018 Avengers wave.

6″ Deadpool Wave: Deathlok X-23 (X-Force) and the build a figure will not be Strong Guy (don’t let the pictures fool you). 

6″ Spider-Man Wave: Gwenpool, Spider-Punk, Lasher, Mysterio, Classic Lizard is the BAF with articulated tail with 3 points.

Walgreens will have Reed Richards with the Ultimate Nulifier and bendy and regular arms.

6″ Back In Black and white Deadpool and the 3.75 Rainbow Squad Deadpool box set is coming.

Toys R Us will get an exclusive X-Force 12″ Deadpool and a non-exclusive Weapon X Deadpool….I think it was Gamestop

12″ Wolverine shown, battle damage!

Deadpool Monopoly!

Gamestop and Best Buy will get exclusive Deadpool Nerf Blasters in Spring 2018.


2018 X-men Wave will have an 8+ inch Apocalypse build a figure.

Hasbro wrapped by hinting at more Netflix figures…let’s see!

In the Q and A, one of the shining answers.. a Venom movie is coming…

Now…check out screen caps and a few floor shots of the amazing Hasbro 2017 and 2018 goodies!

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