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SDCC 2017 Exclusive Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ Thor Boxset
Marvel Legends, for the past many many years, has brought fun, imaginative box sets as their 6-inch exclusives to San Diego Comic Con.  Let us remember…. The Thanos Imperative Box, The X-Force Box, Heroic Age Thor (in a freakin’ Mjolnir!), The Thunderbolts set, The Book of Vishanti, The Raft!  Every year, it’s something new, something exciting, impressive, and Hasbro almost always thinks outside of the box…in a very literal sense, and that makes it even more fun.

This year, Hasbro visits upon us, a Thor-based Battle For Asgard box set featuring 5 heroes and villains from Asgard. Thor (Jane Foster), Thor (Odinson / King Thor), Malekith, Bor, and Ulik.  Each figure brings the intended character to life in beautiful plastic to be sure.  The box here is as much a part of the set as the figures though.  

For packaging, Hasbro gave us a pentagon shaped box that rolls out into attached pieces of a pie.  Kept together by an outer sleeve, the box is adorned in beautiful, just jaw dropping art featuring the five characters inside.  When you take off the sleeve, you have the same art, but each side has the words of a poem for you to read about the story the set intends to tell.  All are pictured down below.  Art to note as well, the runes adorning the top of the box reflective of the character within.  Opening the box, you “roll” out the pie pieces, and then can open each figure at the top.  Opening this was a really satisfying experience and it’s just about step by step in the Family Photos section.  

A very special thank you to Hasbro for sending this to us for free to review for you!

On to the box set, let’s take a look at all the sweet sweet figures we have now!

Thor | Odinson Thor | Bor| Malekith | Ulik The Rest | Availability | Family Photos

Thor (Jane Foster)

The Good

  • The first thing that stands out for me is the beautiful translucent hammer.  The lightening charged effect is perfectly captured here.  
  • No heels!  She can stand very well on her own.
  • Highly comic accurate helmet to boot.
  • Solid articulation allows whatever Thor-esque poses you need.
  • Intricate design work is present all over the figure, but stand out specifically on her waist cloth, emblazoned with the T.  The etching / gold on her helmet is perfect!
  • Tons of line work that you might not notice unless you look close, helmet, breast plate, most of her metal parts are packed with fine detail.
  • Comparing to the Thor Ragnarok set Jane Foster Thor (we don’t have one just yet, but we have the Internet), this Thor uses a slightly different color palate and the hammer here is translucent vs solid in the retail release.

The Bad

  • Greed wants a removable helmet.
  • Her cape hangs a little loosely out of the back connection point.  


Odinson Thor / King Thor

The Good

  • Chest hair…chest hair EVERYWHERE!
  • Cape sits perfectly across his shoulder, excellent fit, cut and design.
  • Metal arm could only look more metal if he was throwing up the horns.
  • Thor beard looks fantastic here.  
  • If you take off the cape, you can see that this dude is absolutely just ripped front and back.  
  • Good articulation, all that you’d expect to be able to move Thor into poses that are pretty cool.  
  • Take a look at his axe (Jarnbjorn), tons of detail on a relatively small piece in the axe head.  Lots of pretty line work here.

The Bad

  • While Thor’s hair itself looks good, the way it sits on his head looks a little wig-like, not helping that is the slight color variance between the hair, beard and…marvelous chest hair.  



The Good

  • Hasbro has been nailing making Marvel Legends villains look evil for a long time, but this sinister grin may be my favorite.  He looks like he’s right on the edge about to jump off into Lake Crazy.  Capturing that on an action figure is more than impressive.
  • Really impressive paint work and clean lines throughout this figure.  Nothing stray, nothing out of place.
  • The paint is what makes up the bulk of Malekith’s look and Hasbro knocked it out of the park here, if you put this next to Malekith on a comic page, you will not be disappointed.
  • The tassled bottom of Malekith’s jerkin, gold necklace, shoulder pads, belt all complete the comic perfect look.  He’s even got silver / metal outlining around the shoulder pads! Amazing attention to detail here.

The Bad

  • I don’t think it’s character appropriate, but I’d love a holster / sheathe for his big bad sword.


The Good

  • With 5 figures in one box that are this awesome, it’s tough to pick one as a clear winner, but Bor is a staggering figure, and probably about as close as I’d get to naming one…until the next one, or the last 3…  
  • The detail work present on his armor is a marvel to behold.  Each “plate” fits perfeclty with the next and is packed with shading and line work.  Each pieces shows weathering and battle damage, it’s crazy what’s going on here. 
  • Horned helm is another piece packed with detail, marbling on the horns, line work and dings in the helmet to show damage.
  • There is more attention paid to the detail in Bor’s beard here than there are in some whole figures!  The braiding just looks great.
  • The chain mail skirt showing through under his fur skirt is another unexpected and incredible detail.
  • Fur texture on his boots and skirt is rich and shows great depth.
  • Included shield fits well in Bor’s back, and also looks battle damage awesome.
  • Shield harness, he doesn’t just have a hole in his back, it’s part of the design of the figure to have a shield harness!

The Bad

  • I don’t even have a nitpicky thing to say here.  Look at the pictures and get on 8/14 to try and buy it!


The Good

  • Believe it or not, this is Ulik’s second turn in Hasbro plastic, first coming by way of Marvel Legends 3.75″ 2016.  He made an excellent figure in 3.75 and at 6 inch he’s awesome plus bigger.
  • Ulik’s is another comic-perfect re-creation of the character in 6 inch plastic.
  • Studded and plated chest armor….the studs look great, but the show stealer here is the scalloped shimmering chest armor.  It’s even got a few dings and dents!
  • He’s got tufts of hair on his shoulders, forearms and feet, they all look dead on.
  • That is one bad belt buckle.
  • Iron knuckles don’t just look good, but are perfectly placed.
  • Another outstanding villain face captured here, he’s got that evil under-bite grin.
  • Solid articulation for a bulkier figure, they even captured the ab-crunch around the belt buckle. 

The Bad

  • I’m trying to reach for something to put here, and I got nothing.  Sorry folks.

The rest

The Battle For Asgard box set really is a beautiful piece.  It features 5 characters / variants that are incredibly well suited to the title of convention exclusive.  Characters that collectors and passionate Thor fans want, and not necessarily something that a 7 year old kid that likes the Avengers is going to be sad about not being able to get.  Call it the exclusive sweet spot, and this set hits it.  With exclusive decos on Thor and Odinson, some very deep library Thor baddies in Ulik, Malekith, and Bor, 


Available only as an SDCC exclusive, and in limited quantities after, The Battle For Asgard set will be a trick to get.  Yesterday 8/3 the link to purchase went live for about an hour, some orders got in.  Lucky folks that got orders in got an email apologizing, the links went live in error.  The true live date IS 8/14.  Orders placed yesterday would be honored and shipped on 8/14.  There you have it, these will be live 8/14, you can go directly on your own or click the following link.  There will be a limit of two pieces per household.  

Family and Packaging Photos!


MUReview received this boxed set for free for review purposes.

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