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SDCC 2017 Exclusive Hasbro Marvel Legends 12″ Daredevil
Very recently, I experienced an awakening to the Marvel Legends 12″ toy line.  I consider it well timed and heavily rewarded, because at the end of a review run of Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Deadpool (linked above), out comes Hasbro with an SDCC 2017 Exclusive Daredevil 12-inch figure!  As the name implies, this figure was available exclusively on the show floor at SDCC and limited quantities will be up for purchase on  So, between now and when it becomes available..well, here you are to see if you are going to be sitting behind your keyboard on release day slamming refresh on your browser with so many others.  I have a feeling you are going to be hitting refresh like mad when the time comes, because the figure is a thing of beauty…big, wonderful, beauty.  A very special thank you to Hasbro for sending this to us to review for you.

The Good

  • Comic Daredevil is incredibly well re-created in gigantic plastic here.  
  • Taped hands splattered in blood paired with the replaceable taped up forearms, also splattered in blood take Daredevil from super hero to street fighter.
    • Swappable fore-arms are keyed for easy and tight fitting assembly.  
  • Alternate “beat up” head completes the street fighting look.
    • Detail on this head is stellar, bruising, cuts, all look realistic.  
    • Blood shot left eye looks great.
    • Blind eye effect looks very good.
  • Daredevil has a few pieces that are “leather” in look, boots, belt, hip holster.  The aging and weathering effects on the leather show a high attention to detail and it’s well executed.
  • Daredevil has his clubs, his clubs have a holster, my heart is happy.
  • Additional mask for DD to hold is included and fits well in his hand.
  • Daredevil features all points of articulation available in the 12-inch line inclusive of butterfly shoulders.  Thanks to this, Daredevil can achieve some good acrobatic poses.

The Bad

  • I don’t have knocks on the figure.  As I’ll echo below, only the fact that he’s not going to be available in wide release.

The rest

Daredevil adds to the expanding Marvel Legends 12-Inch line, joining Cap, Iron Man, Spidey, Deadpool, Symbiote Spidey, Thor, Hulk, and the line gets bigger in 2018 with 2 variant Deadpools and a Tiger Stripe Wolverine.  Daredevil is well designed, again, very sturdy, includes meaningful accessories, and is a fantastic display, or even play piece.  The figure doesn’t come without it’s downsides though…only one really, he’s an SDCC exclusive.  Daredevil is a hot character at this point, thanks to Netflix success of course, and though this isn’t Netflix Daredevil, I do believe that there is a demand, and folks would pick this up if it were on shelves.  I really hope Hasbro decides to do a wide release of Daredevil, maybe with less fancy packaging. 


Daredevil was available as an SDCC 2017 exclusive.  He will also be available in limited quantities at  If you click that link now, it will take you to the placeholder page of Daredevil with some important information to note.  Limit 2 per household.  The set went live for sale the morning of 8/3, this was in error.  Orders that got in in this window will be honored and shipped 8/14.  The formal and official date of live sale is 8/14 and that has been confirmed by Hasbro support.  You can buy this at 8/14.

The Pictures


MUReview received Daredevil for free for review purposes.

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