SDCC 2016: SDCC Exclusive Hasbro Marvel Legends The Raft featuring Dreadknight, Enchantress, The Purple Man, Sand Man, Spider-Man and Abomination
The coals of SDCC 2016 are still sizzling.  Friends and colleagues are still getting their packages home, opening boxes, delighting in all of the goodies they found at the convention.  It can be argued that there are none more goody than the amazing exclusives from Hasbro, including the Collector’s Vault which we took a  look at last week, and now, today, the SDCC 2016 Hasbro exclusive Raft action figure set.  The set features an exceptional package of 6! SIX figures ($119.99 retail).  Look out below for our insights on the amazing characters in the set, Abomination, Enchantress, Dreadknight, The Purple Man, Sand Man and Spider-Man.

The Packaging

Hasbro continues to push the boundaries of awesome packaging with their convention exclusives.  The Raft packaging features a flip up window reveal of the “prisoners” on the Raft being “observed” by a creeping Spider-Man.  It’s massive, somewhere around 3 feet long.  All the figures are inserted nice and snug in a plastic tray.  Upon removal, the cardboard art interior makes for a good photo shoot backdrop.



The Good

  • There is legitimately no pose you can’t get this Spidey in.
  • This Spider-Man is based off of the 2015 Marvel Legends Spider-Man wave Spider-Man (ya know…with the Pizza).  While he’s mostly a repack, two massive points to note.
  • Improved hip articulation.
  • New and improved head sculpt.

The Bad

  • Since he’s the only good guy in the set…he could probably have used some accessories…to fight all those bad guys.



The Good

  • Abomination is a re-release of the Abomination BAF wave Marvel Legends series…he was the BAF in that wave.  This figure was pretty awesome in the first place.
  • Massive and bulky, great representation of the character.
  • Nice, evil face.
  • Amazing mold detail / sculpting.

The Bad

  • Paint job is not as intricate / interesting as the original BAF release.



The Good

  • Beautiful face sculpt.
  • Included accessories fit well.
  • Excellent line detail throughout, very sharp, clean lines.
  • When you can see specific eye shadow detail on a figure…that figure wins.

The Bad

  • Due to high heels, Enchantress is very difficult to get standing up.



The Good

  • Deep interesting paint coloring / wash.  Looks weathered, shimmery.
  • Sword holster!
  • Excellent iconic weapons included (sword and lance).
  • Head sculpt  – nailed it.
  • Cape fits perfectly.
  • Included utility belt!

The Bad

  • He doesn’t come with his trusty steed.


The Purple Man

The Good

  • Purple through and through.
  • Excellent head / face sculpy and paint.
  • He looks classy and ready to command.
  • Perfect body type for the character.
  • This is an excellent re-use of the Chameleon Marvel Legends body!

The Bad

  • Thinner / lighter body type is difficult to keep in a standing pose without a stand.


Sand Man

The Good

  • Outstanding goonish head sculpt / face sculpt.
  • Solid paint application, very clean and sharp lines.
  • Hair sculpt looks great!
  • I love the size!

The Bad

  • Sand Man would benefit from Sand texturing.
  • Would have enjoyed a swappable hand accessory or two.


The rest

SDCC 2016 has been an amazing convention for Hasbro.  2 absolutely epic Marvel exclusives in 3.75 inch and 6 inch, tons of great Star Wars and Transformers exclusives.  They do it every year and they nail it and we all get the benefit.  My only sad is that Hasbro doesn’t do this kind of awesome for NYCC anymore…maybe one day…one day.



First sold on the show floor at SDCC 2016.  This set will be available for a limited time in limited quantities at  The site lists 8/9 as the on sale date.  After that, Hasbro will take remaining stock on the road to the Fan Expo Canada in September 2016.  The set retails for $119.99


Group Photos


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